Natural Stone Surfaces

  • Keep glasses containing fruit juices or alcohol on coasters as acids and alcohols can react and darken the surface.
  • Immediately cleanup the spills.
  • Use few drops of neutral cleaner, mild cleaning liquid detergent,or stone soap along with warm water to clean the stone surfaces.Dry with a soft cloth.
  • Using strong chemicals such as vinegar,ammonia, lemon or acids can dull the surface.
  • Granite is hard and can dull your knives. Use cutting board to maintain their sharpness.
  • Hot pans and vessels can be directly placed on countertops without using potholders. But sliding the vessels can scratch the stone surface.
  • Every time use squeegee to minimize soap scum. Use non-acidic soap scum remover to remove the scum.
  • Quartz Surfaces

  • Quartz stone surfaces are engineered surfaces that are chemically resistant, non porous, and durable.
  • They do not get scratches, but are affected by heat. So use hot pads or pot stands to keep hot bowls.Refer to the manufacturer’s manual of degreasing cleaner to find out if it can be used on the stones.
  • The graphic design process describes the different stages of a design project.Even though quartz is resistant to liquids such as wine, lemon juice, tea, and soda clean them up as soon as they spill on the surface. Avoid cleaners with acidic or bleaching effect.
  • Strong solvents and chemicals such as paint removers, trichloroethylene or methylene chloride can snatch the beauty of your countertop. Bleaches, permanent markers or inks are better kept away from quartz stones.
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