Bar CounterTops

Quartz CounterTop

It’s an excellent choice for highly active restaurants or homeowners who frequently entertain guests.are created using a man-made process composed of mostly of ground quartz mixed with small amounts of polymer resins. For extremely high traffic areas, an engineered stone may be best. Quartz is highly resistant to stains as well as wear-and-tear. The manufacturing process allows for a wide range of color options, which makes it easy to pair with any design scheme. Quartz is non-porous, meaning it will stand up to even the busiest areas and will never require sealing. You can be confident that Quartz will remain clean and in good shape for years to come.Quatrz is a pretty expensive and requires professional installation. Quartz is not known for being the most stylish material out there, but there are options that mimic stone, wood, and other surfaces if it is all your budget will allow.

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