Bath countertops

LimeStone CounterTop

For more informal interiors, limestone often proves to be a good choice. This sandy stone, readily available, often captures fossilized plant and animal life, giving it a certain primitive appeal. Unlike marble, limestone is most often honed to a matte finish. But the very fact that it is so absorbent makes proper cleaning and maintaining an imperative. On the other hand, limestone is very much like marble in that it comes in a wide variety of colors. In its purest form, it is white or cream-colored, but specific minerals can cause diverse coloration. Iron, for example, will typically cause limestone to take on a red or yellow appearance while carbon tends to turn it gray or black.Limestone tiles are multipurpose and available in different shapes and sizes. They can be used for the flooring of any part of the house and can be used for the decoration of bathrooms and fireplace surround area.For an exceedingly fashionable bathroom, we will recommend you go for the beige limestone countertop with a self-rimming black stone sink.

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