Commercial countertops

Quartz CounterTop

You’ve probably seen quartz countertops before without explicitly realizing that they’re quartz. In our opinion, there’s no better countertop for a trendy, modern office space. Many restaurants use quartz: it’s durable, relatively inexpensive, and clean-looking. It matches the desired decor of the office space.If you’re a property manager deciding between granite and quartz, think about the desired aesthetics of the prospective tenants you want to attract. Quartz just feels right in the office of tech startups and small businesses. Design-wise, it is good too because it comes with a wide range of colors and patterns that will surely represent the company's branding or the office's overall aesthetics. Due to its non-porous surface, it does not require regular application of sealants and additional maintenance after installation. It is a practical choice for office .

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