Quartz CounterTop

Quartz Kitchen CounterTop

Quartz surface countertops are very low-maintenance. Once installed, they maintain their non-porous texture and require no sealing or treating, unlike granite countertops which do require occasional maintenance. Because of the hardness of quartz surface, it is also very resistant to scratching, cracking and marking from sharp objects. This kind of durability is really attractive in both well used residential kitchens and commercial kitchen countertops because your investment will last a lifetime.

Quartz Bath CounterTop

Another appealing aspect of quartz surface is its appearance. While some people prefer the irregular natural look of granite stone, quartz surface has a similar sheen and texture but is more regular in pattern. Because of the use of dyes and colored minerals in the manufacturing process, you can also get engineered stone countertops in almost any color. Although you don’t have the flexibility in shape and thermal molding that you do with solid surface countertops, you have more options with quartz surface than with any natural stone material.

Quartz Bar CounterTop

Quartz surface countertops are also considered to be an environmentally safe material once installed. There is no off-gassing which can occur with other man-made countertops, and the non-porous natures of the material, as well as some minerals used, have anti-microbial properties. You can use almost any commercial cleanser on these countertops, meaning that you can ensure a safe and healthy kitchen for your family. In fact, engineered stone is often used in schools and preschools due to its durability and safety.

Quartz Commercial CounterTop

If you are considering a solid surface countertop, granite countertop, or quartz surface countertop, take into account your budget, the overall look you want to achieve, and contact Lexmar today to get more information about price and color options. All of our products are of the highest quality and we look forward to help you with your new construction kitchen or existing kitchen remodeling project! We also carry a superior line of Shower Surrounds and Pans, Sinks, and quality Beta Granite Products.

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