Sinks And Accessories

Granite Sinks

Beta Granite is delighted to introduce Solera’s line of Granite Composite Sinks, SolGranite. The sinks in the SolGranite line are composed of 80% granite and 20% acrylic. This concentration of granite and acrylic provides a very durable sink that is resistant to scratches, stains, household acids and heat. The non-porous surface of the sink is able to withstand practically any household cleaner.Silver ions are added to the Granite Composite sinks during the production process, which allows the sink surface to kill 99% of all bacteria on contact. Silver ions are bioactive and have been known to kill bacteria growth. This powerful mineral has been used for medical purposes for hundreds of years.

Stainless Steel sinks

Stainless Steel Sinks are a low-maintenance sink in nearly every respect; when you are looking for an easy to clean, impact-resistant sink, then Lexmar‘s Stainless Steel Sink products are the perfect choice. Stainless Steel Sinks have the advantage of being both a popular choice as well as timeless, and today’s Stainless Steel Sinks provide an appealing look in any kitchen or bathroom setting.The SolGranite line of Granite Composite Sinks stands up to the highest quality standards and is known for its innovation and durability. All Granite Composite Sinks in the SolGranite line are available in White, Bisque, Mocha and Black.

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